PTS Syndicate and KWA Join Forces in Distribution Agreement.

Los Angeles, CA – PTS Syndicate and KWA Performance Industries, Inc. (KWA) proudly announce a joint venture to distribute PTS licensed airsoft guns in the United States. Commencing immediately, US-based airsoft dealers and customers will be able to purchase PTS airsoft guns from both KWA and PTS Syndicate (America). KWA’s industry-leading warranty service will apply to all US sales with PTS providing supplemental customer assistance support.

“This new US joint distribution agreement leverages the strengths of both global airsoft brands and gives our American dealers and customers more accessibility to PTS airsoft guns with greater post-sale service and support,” says PTS Syndicate Founder & CEO Sam Lam.

PTS will contribute its line of premium quality, exclusively licensed airsoft gun replicas to supplement KWA’s wide-range of professional training and airsoft products which are highly regarded in the law enforcement and recreational airsoft market. “We’re very excited to share our logistics, sales, and support infrastructure and growing authorized dealer network to expand the footprint of the PTS brand and continue to grow the sport,” adds VP of Sales & Marketing Albert Villalta.

PTS rifles will leverage KWA’s evolving gas blowback and electric gun technologies. While KWA’s gas blowback system is widely accepted as the most durable and reliable in the market, PTS’ electric guns will be built on KWA’s new class-leading AEG 2.5 and AEG 3 systems.