The ZEV Prizefighter Slide Kit adds dramatic cut windows for the competitive shooter who wants to add a more aggressive look at their G17 Handgun. The geometric style and design of the Prizefighter gives your airsoft guns an aesthetic edge to match the enthusiasm you have for shooting. This signature slide selection is best suited for standard range and competition use.

ZEV Prizefighter Slide Kit

PTS Zev slides are precision machined from 6000 series aluminum and designed for the Tokyo Marui G17 platform. It may also fit WE and KJ G17s with some slight modification (please consult a professional airsoft technician for installation).

A slide plate is included for when you don’t want to set up the gun with a Red Dot Sight:

ZEV Prizefighter Slide Kit

There is a choice of 2 different red dot sight configurations – one for the Trijicon RMR and one for the Leupold DP-PRO:

ZEV Prizefighter Slide Kit

The ZEV Technologies Dragonfly Slide Kit is one of ZEV’s first slide cut designs and it remains one of their most popular slide cuts. This cut removes the most amount of material, while maintaining structural rigidity. Most often used in competition applications, the Dragonfly’s windows allow for aggressive styling as well as enhanced cooling of the barrel.

Dragonfly Slide Kit


ZEV Combat Sights

The PTS ZEV Combat Sights truly are a perfect combination of utility with killer aesthetics. ZEV Combat Sights

– A clean serrated post for a glare free sight picture
– Improved accuracy due to ease of target transition and acquisition
– CNC-machined steel alloy
– Compatible with Tokyo Marui G17

Package includes:
• PTS ZEV Combat Rear Sight
• PTS ZEV Combat Front Sight with Red Fiber


The PTS ZEV Suppressor Threaded Dimpled Barrel allows you to either install a suppressor onto your TM G17 or if you just want to add even more aggressive styling to your gun. Includes a color matched thread protector and a new inner barrel to increase accuracy.

ZEV Suppressor Threaded Dimpled BarrelZEV Suppressor Threaded Dimpled Barrel


Available in three color options, Black, Gold or Silver:

ZEV Suppressor Threaded Dimpled Barrel

The PTS ZEV Fulcrum Adjustable Trigger is a machined billet aluminum trigger system. The wider trigger pad and safety allow for better user engagement and offer drop-in functionality with improved ergonomics. Combined, this results in a clean, crisp creep free trigger pull.

ZEV Fulcrum Adjustable Trigger

The trigger pull is fully adjustable via set screws to accommodate a wide variety of shooters to maximize their performance and comfort. Compatible with the Tokyo Marui G17. It may also fit Umarex, WE and KJ G17s with some slight modification.

ZEV Fulcrum Adjustable Trigger

The PTS ZEV Extended Magazine Release is a CNC-machined aluminum extended magazine release upgrade from the original plastic factory version. It features a textured oversized head that allows shooters to access it without shifting grip thus decreasing reload split times to get the gun back into action where precious fractions of a second in a competition or gunfight can make the difference between winning and losing. Compatible with Tokyo Marui, Umarex. It may also fit WE and KJ G17s with some slight modification.

ZEV Extended Magazine Release

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