This is what you are waiting for… The PTS Mega Arms MML Maten GBBR. A fully detailed video about the new toy from PTS Syndicate the Mega Arms MML Maten AR-10 GBBR. Informativ to look/watch at if you´re waiting for this rifle to be released. As they say, it will hit the stores in April soooo this is not a long time out.

PTS Mega Arms MML

Features & Equipment

  • Authentic licensed trademark Mega Arms engravings
  • KSC/KWA derived proprietary GBB system
  • Aluminum Upper & Lower Receivers for greater balance and portability without sacrificing its durability.
  • Ultra lightweight 14” M-LOK Mount Rail with 16” Barrel, compatible with all standard M-LOK accessories.
  • Enhanced Back Up Iron Sights (EPBUIS) – consists of a low profile snag-free design that is unobtrusive when collapsed. Blending design with practicality, the EPBUIS includes elevation and windage adjustments as well as dual apertures for close and precise long distance shooting. Allowing the user to be versatile, adapting to any given situation.
  • EP Grip (EPG) – ergonomically designed for excellent comfort and a firm angled grip for maximum recoil control.
  • EP Stock (EPS) – a simple yet highly functional collapsible polymer stock. Features unique cheek welds that are both comfortable and practical with storage compartments for tools and utilities.
  • EP Magazine (EPM) LR (Large Round) – the beefier .308 sibling of the EP Magazine, boasts a Dupont® Zytel™ reinforced polymer body and holds up to a maximum of 35 rounds.
  • The EPM LR features a Bolt Lock Release Unit to prevent the bolt from locking after emptying the magazine if you so choose.
  • Integrated trigger guard for added functionality and strength.
  • Steel Bolt Carrier for maximum durability and a heavier kicking recoil experience.
  • Close replica of the standard AR-10 muzzle device.



  • Color – Black
  • Dimension – 1020 x 305 x 95mm (w/ packaging)
  • Weight – 4.1kg
  • Material – Aluminum Upper & Lower Receivers

License: This airsoft replica is manufactured under authorized Mega Arms license. Mega Arms® logo and related brand names are trademarks of Mega Machine Shop, the United States and/or other countries.



The PTS Enhanced Polymer Magazine LR, or EPM LR for short, is built specifically for the PTS Mega Arms MML MATEN Gas Blowback Rifle. Externally, like its smaller PTS EPM magazine counterpart, it features a rugged Dupont™ Zytel polymer shell. The magazine is designed with recessed panels for better grip and smooth magazine well guides that eliminates the chance of snagging when the magazine is withdrawn from or reinserted into pouches. The front of the baseplate features a dot matrix which allows the user to mark the magazine with alphanumeric characters or pictograms for identification. The top of the magazine also features a Bolt Lock Release Unit which, when switched on, prevent the bolt from locking back on an empty magazine thus allowing you to simulate shooting without ammo.


  • Color – Black
  • Material – Dupont™ Zytel High Performance Reinforced Polymer
  • Dimension – 160 x 100 x 38 approx. (with packaging)
  • Weight – 856g approx. (without packaging)
  • Compatibility – PTS Mega Arms MML MATEN GBBR platform
  • Capacity – 35 Rounds

RedWolf Airsoft RWT – PTS MML Maten GBBR