Due to customer feedback PTS is now running a EPM GBB Magazine Feed Lip Replacement Program to resolve some issues with the previous versions of  this magazines.

Some of you may have encountered issues with your PTS EPM GBB magazine and the PTS Masada GBB Rifle such as double feeding, misfeeding, and shattering of bb’s, or premature tearing of hop buckings. Via customer feedback and in-house extensive testing, we have isolated the issue to the magazine feedlip being too fragile and the opening being too tight.

PTS EPM GBB Magazine Feed Lip Replacement Program

We now have a new EPM magazine feedlip that addresses these performance issues. The new modified EPM magazine feedlip is more durable and redesigned to increase the lips’ elasticity. The feedlip has also been widened to prevent any jamming and misfeeding of bb’s which may cause further collateral damage to the hop buckings and the bb’s itself.

If you wish to receive replacement for the EPM feedlips, please do the following:

PTS Authorized Dealers:
  • Please contact your PTS distributor
North American Customers:
  • Please contact your PTS dealer or PTS America (www.ptssyndicate.us) and provide record(s) of your EPM GBB magazine purchase(s).  We will provide a one for one replacement based on your records.
Hong Kong Customers:
  1. Bring your EPM GBB to PTS Steel Shop, with your proof of purchase (e.g. receipts).
  2. Ask for a new Magazine Lip replacement.
  3. Fill in survey to help us understand more about the problem and to provide us your contact details.
International Customers:
  • Contact your local dealer for assistance.
Note: This free replacement offer is valid only for PTS EPM GBB magazines. This offer does not apply to standard KWA LM4 magazines and legacy Magpul PTS PMAG GBB Magazines. Feedlips may also be purchased from www.ptssyndicate.com and www.ptssyndicate.us

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