PTS Centurion Arms CMR Rail 12.5″ + PTS CMR Rail Accessory Pack kit set Bundle sales

For every purchase of PTS Centurion Arms CMR Rail 12.5″ Gen 2, can get a special offer 50% off to buy PTS CMR Rail Accessory Pack. Available while stock last.

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The PTS Centurion Arms CMR 12.5inch Rail Gen 2 has been updated with lightening cuts just like on the PTS CMR 9.5inch and 11inch versions which contributes to further weight reduction to an already lightweight and minimalist rail thus further enhancing control and portability without sacrificing strength and durability. CMR rails utilizes a proprietary barrel nut which is included along with a gas tube and low profile gas block.

The Centurion Arms CMR rail covers have been given a unique golf ball style texture on its surface, providing a very firm grip for the end user’s hands. They maintain as low a profile as possible and their semi-circular edges correspond along the ventilation holes of the rail. The rail covers have score lines on the back to allow the user to custom cut it to a shorter length to fill in the gap between other accessories.

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