Introducing | The BattleComp G19 Custom Slide and Barrel Set from PTS.

The PTS BattleComp G19 Custom Slide and Barrel Set consists of a minimalistic but very distinctive appearance where the front and rear serrations are specifically designed to mimic the trademark pattern of the incredibly popular BattleComp muzzle device ports.

PTS BattleComp G19The slide is compatible with the KSC G19.


  • Minimalistic design
  • Trademark patterned serrations
  • Package includes: –
  • Aluminum slide with extractor
  •  Steel Outer Barrel


  • Material – 6000 series Aluminum
  • Dimension – 185 x 26 x 42mm (approx.)
  • Weight – 200g (approx. w/ packaging)
  • Compatibility – KSC G19
  • Manufacturer – Guns Modify  


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