Introducing the production Badger Framelock Folder Knife from Prometheus Design Werx.

Compact and stout, this folder like the wild predator it is named after, is able to hold its ground against many beasts larger than itself. Featuring a level of detail and machining uncommon in other folders in its class, multi-axis machined contoured handle, extra detailed chamfering, functional engineering, V-cut blade seat channel, glow in the dark dual thumbstud inlays, to the proprietary internal lockbar pocket, all make this folding knife a production stand out.

The PDW Badger™ folder design is an instantly recognizable tool aesthetic and characteristic of our Founder-Chief Designer’s lifelong design ethos.

This folder is inspired by and takes its design cues from the tried and trued millennia old spear point blade silhouettes, to the tapered capsule shapes, streamlined arcs, and the purposeful fluting and texturing of the modern machine age.

The production Badger™ was designed to be as a stout, compact, yet elegant cutting tool, ideally suited for EDC, and for any discriminating user who prefers a smaller folder footprint.