Force on Force & Airsoft as the ultimate training tool?

Yeah it can be the tool of choice for specific trainings. A good friend of mine Eli of Project Gecko wrote this article to give you an idea on how effectiv a “airsoft gun” can be. ~Chris

Back when i was in the IDF SF we always had issues when it came down to proper force on force training. the issues were normally oriented around budget and tools, but before we will get into it let me start this article with a clear statement – Unlike many others, I am not writing this article to feel better, nor to find an excuse to justify folks with SEAL patches or Crye precision goodies with a beer in their hands. No. I am writing this article as an instructor who is interested in human behavior and its effect on my students. Also keep in mind that this article context is within the use of Airsoft in CQB trainings and settings (10m below).

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