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At todays product spotlight we have the KSC/KWA KTR-03 GBB which is available at RedWolf Airsoft.

The real steel KTR-03 was a custom AK rifle built by Krebs Custom Guns. Based on the AK Saiga receiver, it is an upgraded version of the classic Kalashnikov with a few added features.

KSC KTR-03 GBBThe airsoft version has the exact features with the proprietary 3-position M1913 Picatinny rail system/forend rail tube. On top, you can find AR-15/M16 style windage-adjustable rear sight with a elevation-adjustable front sight post.


The grip is a M249 SAW style pistol grip with a 5 position LE stock. What we have here is a mutt but we all know that mutts are very intelligent and it is a very intelligent design.

The tri-rail is enough for plenty of accessories and the top rail has enough space for a mid-range scope or sight. It also features a left-side Galil-style manual thumb safety with a AK style safety selector switch on the opposite side.


Like many KSC gas blow back guns, the kick is very impressive and once it goes into full auto, the 14 rounds per second will surely make your crown jewels tickle a little. The Galil-style manual thumb safety is also the fire selector which is hugely convenient for right handed players who prefer not to take their hand off the grip.




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