We got Eli of GECKO Superior for a chat to introduce us his new PC Salamandra Carrier System made for them by OSO Gear. Below you find all informations you need about this unique product. We provid you lots of pictures which include all facts you need to know.


GECKO Superior PC Salamandra Carrier


[ACE] Eli, thank you for your time. We know you´re a busy person who traval a lot through Europe with your company (Project Gecko) to provide high class tactical training and simulation to military, law enforcement and even civillian individuals (learn more here). So we´re glad that you find a couple minutes to chat with us. Can you introduce us and our readers your new carrier system called “PC Salamandra” which is now available from your second company GECKO Superior which focus to offer tactical gear.

[Eli] Hi guys and readers from Airsoft & Military News. Thank you for having me for this presentation. Lets go straight into the product. Our PC Salamandra comes with a ready to go configuration. Instead of buying a ton of different pouches – we got them all ready for you – including a backpack- making your tactical purchase smarter, more efficient & effective.

A picture is worth a thousand words so lets start with our picture file to introduce you our Salamandra system. After that, I go into the comfort, shape and modularity of this carrier to provide you a even more in depth view.


GECKO Superior PC Salamandra CarrierGECKO Superior PC Salamandra CarrierPC Salamandra CarrierPC Salamandra CarrierPC Salamandra CarrierPC Salamandra CarrierPC Salamandra CarrierOSO Gear PC Salamandra CarrierOSO Gear PC Salamandra CarrierOSO Gear PC Salamandra Carrier



What I personally like in the design of this plate carrier, and other Israeli plate carrier designs, is the fact the buckles and any other adjustment parts do not have a direct contact with the user body. They also don´t get in the way of other equipments such as backpack straps, COM’s, etc. and allow the shoulder straps to take a perfect shape around the users shoulder, and not some bulky default kind of a shape.That is often called the ‘turtle’ cage, which you can imagine why.

PC Salamandra
Plates & modularity

The first SALAMANDRA prototype was designed for the Israeli ‘Karmon’ ceramic plates. Due to a smart design which looks like two wings, you can enter a SAPI plate and the vest would still accept it and keep it in its proper place,preventing the plate from moving around (requires proper user adjustment).

PC Salamandra

This SALAMANDRA pc comes with a unique shape design which was originally designed after a dedicated research and field exprience. We took many problems that the end user exprience, and and we developed a solution. This plate carrier offers you a perfect freedom of movement,yet without compromising safety.

PC Salamandra
Capacity review :

• 1 Utility pouch with quick release option.
• 2 Utility pouches on the higher piece of the chest, suitable for first aid kits \ tourniquets \ Bandages. could be also suitable for grenades.
• 6 Magazine pouches, each can carry up to two magazines (5.56 \ 7.62)
• 3 Small pouches for Pistol magazines \ Chem lights \ tools.
• 2 Grenades pouchs on the side. one of them with a quiet release. suitable for most modern Frag Grenades (M61 HE M67 HE,DM 51)
• 1 well secured pouch for Smoke grenades (Mk18,L83a1), can be alternatively used as a pouch for Sat phones.
• 1 Pouch for First aide kit. could be used also for 2 magazines (5.56 \ 7.62)
• 2 points for securing your equipment.


• Backpack
• A wide compartment for hydration pack, up to 6 liter.
• Compatible for most modern Radios (AN/PRC-117F)
• 1 Pouch for personal Radios such as the AN/PRC-152 and the SEM-52A.
• 2 compartments for Personal items.
• 1 external pouch for magazines \ Grenades.
• Collapsible cap for holding the helmet

PC Salamandra

For more informations, simply follow this link: carriers/PC Salamandra


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