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Adam from Airsoft Outlet NW send over an article he wrote about the Airsoft Pyrotechnics / Tactical Game Innovations products. Enjoy reading!


TAGINN, or Tactical Game Innovations, is a manufacturer of some of the newest airsoft M203 grenade launcher products, as well as a line of airsoft pyrotechnics. Their M203 shell and unique 40mm style rounds are a game changer for airsoft. While previous grenade shells merely threw BBs a short distance, the TAGINN system will fire various projectiles accurately to over 100 yards. This increases the effective engagement distance of a grenadier and adds versatility to an airsoft squad or fireteam, making the grenade launcher a more useful tool.


TAGINN grenade


The core of the TAGINN M203 design is a new shell which is rifled internally. This cartridge stores gas or CO2 like other airsoft replica shells, but the projectile is separate. The rifling provides excellent accuracy, making the TAGINN 40mm rounds capable of extended range and accuracy. Additionally, the same shell accommodates all the different rounds from TAGINN. This makes the system as versatile as the ammo you can feed it.

airsoft pyrotechnics TAGINN grenade


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