SOG Knives Announces the upcoming release of their new PopGrip Multi-tool.

For PopGrip Multi-tool, we’ve partnered with PopSockets to create a convenient way to carry compact yet useful tools anywhere you take your cell phone. PopSockets make one of the most popular phone accessories out there, with over 100 million sold!

The multi-tool is magnetically latched using SOG’s TwistMag™ design. The compact tool is designed to solve common daily problems, with 5 tools in 1 — with Bottle Opener, Pry bar, Slotted Screwdriver, and 1/4″ and 4 mm hex bit drivers.


* Phone grip and stand
* Multi-tool offers 5 tools in 1
* Swappable top
* Twist off top to charge on wireless charger
* Repositionable and sticks to most devices and cases
* PopGrip Multi-tool is offered in Blackout, Civic Cyan, and Moss Green — matching SOG’s other Daily offerings.

Coming to market on April 2021 for $24.95 MSRP

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