Dry Fire training at home

EnglishShooting has recently released a video demonstrating the products available from Point Bank Simulator. The products in question are a home training and drill simulator which sounds ideal for anyone who is isolating and not capable of going to the range. The products from Point Blank Simulator are designed to work in an indoor environment with a projector or tv and use a system that you could relate in its simplest terms to the Time Crisis games you’d have seen at an arcade. The system uses lasers and a camera to essentially monitor mouse clicks on a screen which translates to shots at the screen. Callum from EnglishShooting demonstrates this in good detail considering he calls it a “general overview”.

Callum starts off the video, describing the cost of the system including what a generalised setup would look like at your home or place of training. The system utilises a mix of both dedicated laser training guns and the ability to utilise airsoft replicas (by adding a laser unit to the replica). There are multiple packages within the software that is available, allowing for a more customised experience based on the budget of the individual. The video continues to demonstrate how the software interacts with the system and how useful the products are for dry fire practice.

The video includes a practice run of one of the IPSC stages available in the Point Blank Simulators program (paid add-on). Callum demonstrates the benefits and shortcomings of the system which includes how his current demonstration was slightly slow as his internet connection was not ideal.

One of the great benefits of the program is that it is very detailed in both the review process and the style of which the program analyses the training. There is the potential to change ammunition types for the change in accuracy, bullet drop, and includes the ability to choose a starting position. All of these features can be complemented with the use of airsoft replicas that have blowback.

This system is similar to what Laser-Ammo is providing as a training system however is much more economical on the wallet and has more software features available in comparison. This system is definitely an entertaining system to use, but also provides a very effective training environment in the safety of your own home.

To find out more, check out the video by EnglishShooting here: