The latest issue of PMCI Magazine, May 2017, is now available and as always, it is totally FREE to read!

With rising tensions and sabres rattling around the globe the latest issue of PMCI as always looks at the latest gear available to the private security market and the training which goes behind its correct use. Following on from a successful SHOT 2017 in this issue the team look at the “Euro” equivalent as they travel to Nuremberg and detail their experiences at IWA with their take on “what’s hot and what’s not”.

This issue also has an in depth report on advanced medical training with Horizon, reviews of new clothing and gear from Helikon-Tex and VIPER, and a report on an innovative new visual aid that will let you get the very best from your range-time. If you’re working in the private military sector then PMCI is the magazine for you!

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