The latest issue of PMCI Magazine, May 2016, is now available and as always, it is totally FREE to read!

In this issue we take a look at “SimGun”, which brings training close to reality but without the risks. We also speak to EUSECA UK about how to deal with the dreaded “active shooter” scenario.

Kit-wise, we get together with Helikon-Tex to check out their latest products and meet British brand “Bulldog” to take a look at their “bomber tough” tactical gear. We also get our hands on some stunning new helmet models from Armorsource and PMCI Editor, Bill, brings us his take on the tactical area at the 2016 IWA show in Nuremberg.

Not forgetting firearms, we see what happens when you take a well-known handgun and add some custom parts, while our two “tame” contractors discuss how they prepare their primary when they get in-country. We also welcome new contributor “Chalky” White to PMCI, as he gives us some tips on how to get the very best from your contract-issued AK.

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PMCI May 2016

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