The full Magpul + CZ Scorpion lineup is now shipping.

ATTETION: REAL STEEL NEWS! From front to back they’ve got Magpul Engineered solutions for your compact and versatile fun gun, the CZ EVO 3. The latest addtion to the line-up is the PMAG 35 EV9.

Hopefully, we see a airsoft version of this mag coming out soon too as the EVO is a really popular gun in our world and lots of players already choose one as their primary SMG for not only CQB games.

About the Mag: The PMAG 35 EV9 is a lightweight, 35-round, 9x19mm CZ Scorpion EVO 3-compatible magazine. The PMAG 35 EV9 provides optimal round stack geometry, giving the large format pistol, PCC, and SMG market a pistol caliber magazine with Magpul reliability and increased magazine capacity at a competitive price point.

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