One layer to rule them all! The Merino Wool Base Layer

Layering is the key to navigating all weather conditions. From cold to warm, having the right layers means more time spent outside and feel comfortable. In this article, we show you the Range Ready Base Layer line from 5.11 Tactical as this system could be from interest for you as well.

5.11 Tactical partnered with The Woolmark Company to develop technical performance base layers using Australian Merino wool. Premium softness and performance qualities make it one of the worlds finest fibers.

ODOR MANAGEMENT – The unique chemical structure of wool enables it to absorb and lock away odors, only releasing them during washing.

THERMOREGULATION – Keeps you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold.

STRONG. FLEXIBLE. LIGHT – Built for high endurance. Naturally strong and light.

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