PIG Universal Sling Pad (USP) a comfortable solution for long term use of rifle slings.

The PIG USP (Universal Sling Pad) is a Patent Pending. Sling accessory that will bring your existing 1″-1.25″ sling to new heights of comfort while on the range, or on the job. Constructed of 2″ wide closed cell foam and 4 way stretch Tweave, the PIG USP is designed to spread out the weight of your rifle and prevent neck rash and shoulder discomfort.


The PIG USP attaches to the host sling and sling swivel where it needs to be, at the rear of the host firearm where the pad cover your shoulder. To install, simply open the flaps and place the PIG USP at the rear of the host sling, run the Velcro One Wrap (TM) through the sling swivel (over the top of the sling) and secure it to the inner flap, then close the outer flap to lock everything in place. Now you don’t have to purchase a padded sling to upgrade your current sling to a new level of comfort.


The PIG Universal Sling Pad is available in Black, Ranger Green, Coyote and Multicam and like all PIG nylon gear, it is proudly Made in ‘Murica!

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