Today we’d like to present a chest rig of the manufacturer Voodoo Tactical, which originates not only in the military scope. Voodoo Tactical is headquartered in LA California, and produces tactical clothing and gear for police, military and rescue teams.

We got the rig by courtesy of the european agency (Voodoo Tactical Europe) based in Ljubljana.


Voodoo Tactical Mobile Chest Rig


The rig we have is a so-called “low profile model”, which is basic but highly functional.

The first thing we noticed when unpacking the rig is the good processing and the solid material, which can’t be taken for granted regarding the price (45,95€). There is no sewing thread sticking out as is well made.

The rig comes with broad, lightly padded shoulder straps which are adjustable in lenght at the front and reverse side. Hence, it should be no problem for both tall and short people to place the pads and straps in the preferred position.


Voodoo Tactical Mobile Chest RigVoodoo Tactical Mobile Chest Rig


There is a little extra on one of the straps. A modular shoulder pad to absorb the recoil of the gun, which can be placed on either shoulder strap to accommodate right or left hand shooters.


Voodoo Tactical Mobile Chest Rig


In order to get rid of the rig as fast as possible if necessary, there are big quick-release fasteners on every strap. Even in gloves you can easily handle them.

The modular platform is fully covered in webbing so you can attach any type of compatible pouches you need in your operation purpose.


Voodoo Tactical Mobile Chest Rig


What is special about this rig is the inner compartment. You can open the panel almost in full width by a two-way zipper. Thus, the two inner pockets are easily accessible. There’s a big inner pocket for maps an another one for storing all kinds of writing stuff like pens, notepades, etc. These different storage options make sure that ‘in action’ nothing gets out of place like pens lying crosswise. 


Voodoo Tactical Mobile Chest RigVoodoo Tactical Mobile Chest Rig



The rig is well done and solid with a well thought-out inner compartment and lots of modular possibilities. It is well appropriate for PMCs and random missions in-between. Its also specially designed for use while seated in a vehicle. This makes the rig very comfortable to use during driving missions as well.

Available colors: Black only

Interested customers can buy the Mobil Chest Rig direct from Voodoo Tactical Europe >>> international orders can be placed there.

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Special thanks to our reviewer A.J. for the write up.