Airsoft helmets rather contribute to a genuine look as – different to their real models – they do not come with proper ballistic protection. However, in our physical and sometimes hectic sport we are well advised to wear a helmet. When it comes to outdoor activities the slogan should be ‘safety first’! Most of the replicas are made of solid plastics and provide good protection. Who wants to follow the latest SOF trend won’t get by the ops core replica helmets.

Meanwhile there are several replicas of every model (Base Jump, Carbon, Ballistic) available. We took a closer look at the FAST PJ helmet replica  of FMA, which is based on the Carbon model, and give a short overview.


Lest die Review auf deutsch hier: FMA FAST PJ helmet replica review deutsch


FMA FAST PJ helmet replica overview


The first impression is throughout positive. The matt finish and a well-chosen coloring with a slightly rough surface really resemble the original. The NVG mount, which is also base on the ops core original, unfortunately does not really strike home. It is made out of plastic and comes in a slightly lighter color than the original. A more solid metal type in original color, which would probably grant a longer use with a NVG or different cameras, would have been a better choice.

Comparison of the mounts (top) plastics (bottom) metal



The bands are well crafted and easily adjustable to the head circumference. The quick release system is similar to the original. You can chose between thick or thin padding to contribute to a perfect fit. Thus, the helmet is close-fitting on the head and stays in position even when moving rapidly. The enclosed manual gives a step-by-step instruction how to adjust the bands (illustrated, in English).

View inner shell with bands: Original Ops Core Base Jump (left), Carbon Replica FMA (right)

FAST PJ helmet replica inner shell


The vent holes at the top of the shell let the heat release easily, give a little ventilation effect and prevent heat accumulation inside.

Considering the processing of the shell and the side rails you realize that it is a replica. The plastic parts have some sharp edges and gate locations from the production, which could have been removed with a little reworking in our opinion. As we only have examined this one specimen we cannot say if this is the case for all the models.  These are the noticeable negative features of the FMA helmet.

FMA FAST PJ helmet outershell


Scope of delivery:

  • helmet (color ‘Urban tan’ in our case)
  • Velcro kit (to fix manually)
  • interchangeable pads (thick/thin)
  • equipment for rails (plastic adapter for Picatinny and Wing-Loc)
  • illustrated instruction manual in English



With a little reworking, this helmet is a well-crafted alternative of good value when it comes to appearance and comfort. Concerning performance the helmet comes off quite well. During our 3 days field-test it was comfortable to wear and thanks to the  – like the original – fully functional bands stayed in position. However, it is very important to accurately determine the head circumference; the helmet is available in two sizes: S/M and L/XL. Who does make a point of the authentic look of current SOF units but does not want to spend 500-1000$ for an original ops core helmet is well advised to have a FMA replica. You can get this helmet at Gunfire for 39€ as well as the replicas of the Base Jump and the Carbon model.

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Right now you can get LUX Liners to replace the original lining system. They are available in two versions for the High Cut and the Maritime. Version 1: Worm Dial Version 2: H-Nape. At the moment, we can’t say anything about the fitting accuracy oft the replica helmets as we haven’t experienced them yet.


If you wanna learn more about the LUX Liners, check them out on our write up here:


Thanks to Gunfire „Airsoft & More“ for providing the helmet and our reviewer AJ for the field-test.