Applied Orange Performance Equipment


Applied Orange Performance Equipment is a relatively new name to the airsoft market as much of their prior work has been providing specialist teams and individuals in both the Government & Private sectors.  With Design & Manufacturing based in the Netherlands and with their products shipped globally they offer a wide range of benefits to the EU & US customers.


Applied Orange PenCott


They provide a complete outer layer garment system of their own design & manufacture. Some of their signature products include the Gen3 UBAX FR Top, Boonies, Socks and most recently the addition of both a FDD field Jacket and trousers.





Applied Orange have produced the entire garment out of the ‘TenCate, Defender M’ fabric. TenCate produces a worldwide respected and proven fabric used both by Special Forces and other specialist units due to patented technologies.  It allows the user to breathability due to its airflow weave, it wicks away moisture and it has a high tolerance and resistance to flame & heat.


Applied Orange PenCott


FDD (Field Duty Design) Trousers

These are available in number of different patterns including Multicam Original, Multicam Tropic, Pencott  Greenzone and Black as standard.  They have a number of key features but adopt the low profile role without compromising load capacity.


Applied Orange D30 PADS


The UBAX and FDD Uniform of Trousers & Jacket all use the D30 Hard Impact protection system for Knees & Elbows.


Applied Orange Boonie



I own three of their boonies and they all have a comfortable fit without any irritation during prolonged wear, short brim and as little metal as possible. The design is based around lightweight moist wicking FR and Non-FR material. This keeps the weight down and makes it easily packable when not worn. You have two attachment points either head or neck and this is secured using cord locks by ITW.  The boonies are available in wide choice of patterns.





I have a pair of Gen1 Summer Socks that I picked up January 2013 still doing the business. I also run their Gen2 version summer as well as the ‘Sibex’ Winter Sock. They all provide maximum support of the feet and ergonomic fit make for the sock to be very comfortable when worn for longer periods of time. They also come fitted to left & right feet and along with this there is unique blend of fibres this is an outstanding pair of socks.

Read a full review about them here:


LandCamo ABD



Applied Orange Have completed a number of builds including the OWCS (Over white Concealment System) in Pencott Snowdrift but they recently designed and manufactured the ‘Lynx’ series of Uniforms consisting of their own designed  UBAX, FDD Trousers & Jacket in LandCamo ABD Family patterns (SERE, MAMMUT, GORA).


Applied Orange PenCott

Applied Orange SNOWDRIFT




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Photography: Flare Photography


Special thanks to our reviewer Richard aka “FireBase Alpha” for the write up!