ops-cores latest new product to their line of military related tactical equippment is the SOTR. It offers at least 99.97% filtration efficiency against airborne particulates including Lead, Asbestos, lubricant mist, and explosive gunfire residue. Available as a “non microphone” or “microphone” version, compatible with standard ground communications headsets to enable radio communications.


  • Seamlessly integrates with NVGs and other eye protection products, as well as over the ear hearing protection products
  • Two exhalation valves for easier breathing
  • Easy to adjust suspension straps suspension straps to be worn with or without a helmet
  • Flexible and lightweight silicone face piece with a wide, wraparound, and pleated design to enable the respirator to fit to a large variety of facial types
  • Front mounted inhalation valves and cartridge ports for an enhanced field-of-vision and a quick one-handed filter change
  • Protective pouch to store attachment options and filters

The SOTR is now availabe for pre-order at their website starting at $291.00 if you´re interested. Expected ship date is July 2017 ops-core said at the public release yesterday. 

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