If you´re seaching for a helmet cover for your FAST Helmet  – go with the one ops core makes straight out for their helmets! I think this mesh cover  provide you the best fit for it.






  • Lightweight mesh construction
  • Para-cord attachment points for natural foliage, camouflage material or cable management
  • Rear Velcro® goggle strap retention and removable rear pouch for ANVis battery pack or counterweight
  • Protects the shell while still providing all of the FAST helmet platform functionality
  • Attaches with integrated Velcro® tabs
  • Template and instructions for NVG hole pattern included

The cover is available for the High Cut and the Maritime version. The only color current available is MultiCam, but let´s see if they go to sell some other colors in the future as well.


Product link: http://www.ops-core.com/Mesh_Helmet_Cover_for_FAST_Helmet


Additional available but sold seperatly is the Mesh Helmet Cover Battery Pouch. This removable rear pouch provides you the storage for a ANVis battery pack or other counterweights you may use with your typ of NVG.



Product link: http://www.ops-core.com/Mesh_Helmet_Cover_Battery_Pouch

More accessories can be found at their website: