Earlier this month, we had the opportunity to film some of the fightings that occurred at the Stirling Airsoft Catterick FIBUA on the 13th October. Check out our news coverage of the event if you want to learn more…

August 2018. Over an eventful few days, the conviction and execution of extremist cleric Mohammed Jem took place alongside the national elections. Interim president Brian Fotmon lost his seat of power and fled into exile, as hard-line pro-Azearian candidate Maxwell Tastee became the new President of Chad.

Tensions within the country are now growing every day, with reports of anti-Azearian protesters being rounded up and imprisoned without trial. Armed militias patrol the streets 24 hours a day and it seems the new administration is attempting to stamp out any voice that does not share the Azearian vision.

Despite this shift in power, coalition forces working as part of JSOTF-C remain in country and continue to target extremist cells. Latest reports from the capital claim unrest has escalated into house to house fighting, with much of N’Djamena and the surrounding provinces descending into a state of civil war.

Due to humanitarian concerns, and the threat of this new conflict spilling over into surrounding countries, the UK and US governments have issued orders for all ground assets to be recovered and extracted to safe areas pending further intelligence reports.