Officer Survival Solutions releases the Fire / Rescue Armor Rig for Emergency Services Members.

Officer Survival Solutions created this rig in response to the challenging efforts of keeping ALL Emergency Services safe and provide a level of protection the same as our Law Enforcement, WITHOUT having to mimic the look of Law Enforcement or a SWAT/Tactical Team.

The OSS Fire Rescue Rig is designed to mimic the typical “recognizable” Turnout Coat worn by all Firefighters. This rig is designed to distinguish between a Police response and a Fire/Rescue Response.

The typical armor response gear being worn by Firefighters, Paramedics and EMS typically mimic a Law Enforcement Officer.

Now with the OSS Fire/Rescue Armor Rig, Firefighter and EMS can remain as being seen as a medical response and “NOT”, seen as unarmed law enforcement.

This rig “includes” two (2) of our level IV monolithic ceramic 10×12 multi-hit stand alone plates at 7lbs for full rifle and armor piercing protection.

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