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Available in February 2016, the new Oakley Alpha™ Eco-System allows multiple configurations based on mission profile and method of infiltration.

The Alpha™ Eco-System consists of three parts: the SI Ballistic M Frame® Alpha™, SI Ballistic Halo™ Goggle and the Helo Gasket with a single lens working across all platforms. The Ballistic M Frame® optimizes the most crucial elements of performance with flush-mount surfaces to help prevent fog buildup.

oakley alpha eco-system

The SI Helo-Alpha™ Gasket is a lightweight rubber component designed for rapid deployment in situations of sudden high wind or dust. The SI Ballistic Halo™ Goggle is specifically engineered to optimize the two things that matter most in eye protection: a comfortable fit and equipment compatibility. It comes with multiple strap options including a
split strap, full strap and rail strap adapter. The SI Ballistic Halo™ Goggle is also compatible with all helmet and O2 mask systems.

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