Introducing | November One Survival Gen1.1 – Pohl Force

With the reinterpretation of the model November One as Generation 2, Pohl Force has given many loyal fans 2017 great pleasure. Nevertheless, many looked back to the original handle shape with the large groove pattern. The great desire for a new edition of the first generation of November One Pohl Force has now complied.

November One Survival Gen1.1

Uncompromising robustness and high wearing comfort are perfectly combined in the November One Survival Gen1.1. The Niolox steel Spear Point blade will not let you down even under extreme conditions.

November One Survival Gen1.1


The handle, which is manufactured using elaborate milling and grinding techniques, not only provides a very good tactile experience, but also the safety you expect from a knife for daily use. The blade has a non-reflective Black Stonewashed finish.
There will be only one edition of the November One Survival Gen1.1.

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