Nordic Components announces the NCT4 – Suppressor Shield Handguard System

This design will let you extend your handguard when using a suppressor.

The NCT4 comes in two lengths, with either a 6.7″ or 9.5″ handguard to give maximum coverage on 7.5″ or 10.5/11.5″ barrels, and includes a removable shield to provide over 6″ of suppressor coverage.  Both sections are fully M-LOK compatible and feature a seamless continuous top rail.  The suppressor shield is fully toolless, requiring only the push of a button to unlock the shield.  With an inside diameter of 1.850″, the NCT4 is spacious enough to accommodate nearly any suppressor.

Fully compatible with standard AR15-pattern upper receivers and able to accommodate most suppressors, the NCT4 is the ultimate in protection, modularity, and mission-specificity for the suppressed short-barreled AR rifle

“The current trend is for long handguards on AR-15 rifles, generally out to the end of the barrel. This allows more rail space and better mounting locations for accessories. Short-barreled rifles (SBRs) and AR pistols give up this option. However, Nordic Components set out to add a handguard extension when running SBR/Pistol AR-15s suppressed. The result is the NCT4 Suppressor Shield,” said Casey Knutson, Vice President at Nordic Components