“No melt, no Drip“ and the common misconceptions people have regarding this topic.

At the latest blog article from UF PRO, Armin Wagner took some time to write about this topic for you. Get behind it and take some time to read this article if you´re interested. As always, very good information is going to be delivered to you if you´re volitional.

This claim has been around for a very long time, and one is constantly being asked, “So is this no melt, no drip?”

Generally, a discussion then ensues – and one has the opportunity to explain in more detail, disillusion people and help them gain a deeper understanding of this extremely complex and controversial issue.

So I was highly alarmed when a representative of INVISTA, manufacturer of CORDURA fabrics, strolled through the last IWA and Techtextil exhibition fair, handing out videos and telling everyone about the amazing fire properties of CORDURA cotton mix fabrics (NyCo). It was then that I realised something was very dangerously wrong.

Namely that it fosters the fatal misconception that anything made of polyester will burn, melt and drip – whilst NyCo just gets a little charred.

But is this really true?

Full article here >> www.ufpro.si/news/blog/nomeltnodriparealitycheck