LayLax released a new handguard for the Tokyo Marui AK series. The so called “Nitro.Vo TM NEG”

Designed by Mr. Ishiwata Makoto, the engineer for Nitroplus at LayLax, the handguard fit to the Tokyo Marui AK-102 and AKS74N Next Generation Electric Gun that have the recoil and blowback features. It is lightweight and easy to grip, made of aluminum alloy and the very good thing is, you need no modifications to install it. It fits right on it.

Nitro.Vo TM NEG

So if you run one of these AKs from Marui and you´re looking for a KeyMod feature to get your accessories installed, look no future the Nitro.Vo TM NEG AK KeyMod Handguard is here!

Nitro.Vo TM NEGNitro.Vo TM NEG

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