New Gear from Tasmanian Tiger for 2021

A Lightweight, tactical mission backpack with 14 liter volume and IRR camouflage (stone grey) for modular use. Welcome the TT Modular Gunners Pack which is just one of the new products from TT for this year. Read about the features below.

Light, tactical deployment backpack for modular use. The materials used for this deployment backpack are very light, making it super easy to handle. It has a flat main compartment that is hydration system compatible and the back panel is fitted with MOLLE hook-and-loop for customizable arrangement of your gear. The upper front pocket of the backpack is a flip-top behind which you can attach a magazine holder (three magazines). Both middle front pockets are removable and behind each is a MOLLE hook-and-loop surface.

Both the TT Tac Pouch 12 (Item 7862) or the TT 2 SGL Backup Mag Pouch M4 (Item 7811) can be attached to the lower front pocket. The backpack has a MOLLE system on the back so you can integrate it into a plate carrier. You can also use an adapter to attach it to plate carriers.

Made of CORDURA® and IRR-treated material. Both the European CORDURA® materials as well as the straps, hook-and-loop closures and buckles all fulfill the highest standards TL 8305-0278 and TL 8305-0281 relating to IRR (infrared reflectance) camouflage properties (IRR 650 – 1250nm / 10 – 42%).

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