With the launch of the sar9 compact and optics-ready pistols, SAR USA brings two 9mm affordable platforms to market.

Chambered in 9mm, the SAR Compact provides balance between a micro and full-size pistol. Small enough for carry, it still delivers full-size capacity.

“The SAR9 Compact was inspired by feedback that we received from elite shooting professionals, dealers and consumers,” said Todd Pearson, COO SAR USA. “We listened to the shooting sports community when they asked for the same incredible durability and performance of the SAR9 in a more compact version.”

The Compact features a hammer-forged barrel with recessed crown. Interchangeable backstraps and side plates provide customization to the fit. Meanwhile, 17- and 19-round magazines come standard. The striker-fired platform utilizes a lightweight polymer frame. Finally, a low barrel axis to grip ration, and 20-degree grip able, help control recoil.

The SAR Optics-Ready follows the red-hot trend of pistols wearing red dot sights. The Optics-Ready SAR9 is based on the popular SAR9, used by NATO forces and elite units around the world.

“There are more first-time buyers of handguns than ever before, and the trend seems to be for pistol mounted optics,” Pearson said. “With an overwhelming response to the SAR9, which is likely the most rigorously tested firearm on the planet, this is the perfect platform to launch our first optics-ready pistol. The new optics-ready SAR9 aids these first-time shooters in quick target acquisition, which makes finding the bullseye an easy task.”

The striker-fired SAR9 optic-ready pistol features a 4.5-inch hammer-forged barrel. Interchangeable backstrap and side plates provide customization. A balck oxide slide, polymer frame and striker-fired system provide a familiar platform. Magazines come in 17- and 19-round capacities.

A low bore axis and 20-degree grip angle help shooters control recoil. Finally, a smooth safety trigger helps shooters get the most accuracy out of the gun. Each gun retails for around $800.

For more info, please visit >> www.sarusa.com