Give your PELTOR some solid skins!

GEARSKIN™ Lazzer series continues on camouflaging you head to toe. This time bringing in a very advanced PELTOR skins cut, covering up to 90% of the surface reducing the glade and IR signature of an operator.

These skins are very easy to apply and will protect your PELTOR and you. GEARSKIN™ PELTOR skins even include pre-cuts for the head band which is highly reflective and the microphone. GEARSKIN™ COMTAC PELTOR xPi cuts have been battle tested and battle proven prior bringing it to the commercial use.

The pre-cut/skins are easily compatible with other types of PELTOR COMTAC headphones, antiphones even if a small user side intervention is needed it can easily be done.

Order your PELTOR COMTAC skins now, available in all solid colors as well as camouflages!

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