Battlefield-born and honed to perfection.

Here´s a product spotlight about the 3 Zip Series Pack line from MYSTERY RANCH for military application. I personally own a 3 Day Assault BVS for about 6 years now. It´s my daily “go to work” pack and it´s with me on all events I attended during that time too and it still feels and performs like on the first day!

From two decades on the front lines, this MYSTERY RANCH line is designed to be the last word in assault packs. These packs reflect the soldiers they support: the best quality and the most resilience. Engineered for quick access, comfort and loaded with features, these packs are built for short to extended missions. 


We’ve taken the classic design of our original 3 DAY and streamlined the exterior by removing and updating features. It has room for sustainment gear, ammo, IFAKs, and tactical radios. For versatility and mobility, there’s nothing better. 


The KOMODO DRAGON is a slightly larger version of our 3 Day Assault for extended time in the field or chronic over-packers. 


The ASAP is a lightweight assault pack with our signature 3-ZIP design. It’s size and versatility make it a perfect every day carry.

3 Zip Series Video Overview

Here´s a soldiers feedback:

I’ve owned my pack for about six years now. My first encounter with this pack was as an RTO bag in 2010. They were absolutely bombproof, and took everything we threw at them; rolling down mountainsides, wading through canals, jumping walls, CQB engagements, and general patrolling.

The bags all mysteriously disappeared after deployment, along with all of the RATS packs our medics were issued. I was so in love with the pack, I went and bought my own to use because the issued assault pack was utter trash. Well worth the money, and it’s been through hell and back with me.

Grab yours here:


3 Day Assault BVS >>

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