Gear-up your Phone to measure you RoF

There are different methods available to measure a gun´s rate of fire. However all of them require special hardware which is rather expensive or can just be used out- or indoors. For the end-user this is expensive, inconvenient and complicated. But now there is the brandnew app for your android phone available.

The MyRPM app mady by


It provides an efficient algorithm that can extract the RATE OF FIRE of a sequence of gun shots from an audio record in combination with the internal microphone and the processing power of a smart phone. The algorithm provides an easy-to-use solution to measure your RATE OF FIRE. Due to sufficient precision it is not only a gun owner´s tool to monitor the performance of a gun but can also play a key role in an manufacturing and development process.


  • Fast – Powerful Algorithm
  • Accurate -99.8 % accuracy
  • Simple – Easy to use
  • Portable – In- & outdoors


  • Measurement range: 60 RPM – 1300 RPM
  • Sample rate: 44100 Hz
  • Time resolution: 22.7 microseconds
  • Accuracy: 99.8 %

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