Multitasker Tools Series 3X – AR15-Centric Multitool

There are a bunch of cheap and useless multitools out there, just like there are many great Swiss Army knife of multitools, having so many parts and tools that sometime you have no idea what they are for.  But, if you are a AR15 owner, than you tend to have as many tools as possible and find the use for all of them. Then if you belong to this group of people, there is no better multitool for you then Multitasker. Now what separate this one from the others is that it is a AR15 focused, meaning that all the tools packed in this fellow are perfect for maintaining your AR15.


Now 3X might look the same as and you might not see the updates straight away, but people behind Multitasker Tools are always pushing the limits and striving to be the best multitool out there.

So you have improved pliers and frame, a 3” D2 knife blade which is now PVD coated, and a bit carrier that now holds all the supplied bits, including the FSP adjustment tool.

TheSeries 3X still has all of the fan favorite tools such as the AR15 Castle Nut Wrench, 3/8” and 1/2″ hex wrench, Carbon Scraper, Otis Cleaning Tools Attachment, etc.