MTKL  Israeli Army Women Calendar


It´s that time of the year where all those new military & tactical calendars for the upcoming year getting released. We have posted the last weeks some of the you can call them “all starts” like Hot Shots or the Magpul calendar, but today we wanna inform you about a new one on the maket. The Israeli Army Women Calendar!

Israeli Army Women Calendar

Having scoured the ranks of the powerful Israeli army, MTKL has created a wall calendar which brings together a collection of  the chosen amongst the chosen people, real women soldiers of the IDF. Below you find a video which explains the idea behind the calendar and it provides a look inside.


What (and who) is MTKL

MTKL was founded by 2 former soldiers that always dreamt to show the world the beauty of Israel and its people.

We set out to recruit the highest calibre professional designers and stylists to develop a unique line of clothing and accessories, blending the best of military and street into must-have urban fashion. The spirit of our brand is captured in this stunning calendar.

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