Introducing | The worlds first Elite Ops Camera – MOHOC!

Say hi to the NEW MOHOC elite ops camera. We where able to get our hands on this new camera which is the worlds first military optimized helmet camera on the market at this years IWA convention in Nuermberg. We stopped by their booth and talked to Conner Duncan the CEO of MOHOC Inc. who showed us the camera in full detail.

mohoc camera


“We believe the world’s toughest warriors deserve custom built gear to guarantee mission success. The MOHOC® is a tactically designed camera that revolutionizes form-factor, durability and user interface.” Thanks to its proprietary helmet contour, the MOHOC® is the world’s lowest profile helmet camera. Other helmet cameras snag on cables or run into doorways. Not MOHOC®. We deliver a snag free, aerodynamic solution allowing you to operate without getting hung up.

Sport cameras are not designed for military operations. Their awkward shape and high profile hinder movement, create dangerous snag hazards, fail under the rigors of combat, and are difficult to operate while wearing gloves.


Our IP68 camera is both dustproof and waterproof to 30 feet without a separate case. The military grade system also features superior durability. The aluminum and over molded rubber housing is rigorously tested to 2 meter drops without skipping a video frame!


Watch our video we filmed at IWA for you and discover this new kick ass camera.



For the full product details about MOHOC, please visit their website at: