Modify announces to be almost ready to release their first production AEG, the XTC-G1.


It has been a very substantial 2015 to say the least. We appreciate you for your all support of Modify-Tech in 2015. Some of you might like to know that we are going to release AEG-XTC-G1. I would like to let you know the masterpieces more details.

Here is the details of AEG XTC-G1:

  • 1. Getting more popular firearms application: standard 1913 Picatinny rail, T6065 high grade Aluminum Key-Mod handguard rail, CNC machined 14.5” outer barrel. Beside of these popular application, we also design “3-Point Fixed Ring and Double Nuts”. The fixed ring and double nut to fix the outer barrel. Even you drop it incidentally, it will be stable.
  • 2. The next is billet style upper and lower receiver. It is equipped with steel straight trigger and 45° Ambi-Safety Selector. We also redesigned internal of grip and for better holding.
  • 3. The most important of AEG is the internals of gearbox. We use CNC machined Steel Gear Set and 8mm Ceramic ball bearing in the spur gear specially. As for other upgrade parts, it is equipped with 7 Metal Teeth High Speed/ Torque Ultra Piston and Aircraft Aluminum piston head, cylinder, cylinder head.
  • 4. The accurate hop up system combine with 6.1mm extreme straight inner barrel.
  • 5. The last part…6 positions Adjustable Crane Stock. It equipped with Slide-Conductive Rail System. It has no more problems on wire-jammed. Triple-place for battery setting. You have more selection for batteries. If you have restriction of FPS in the battlefield today, you can adjust the FPS or change spring quickly by long hexagonal key. You do not disassembly the receiver, even the gearbox.

Our R&D departments have done countless times to test XTC-G1. I would like to let you know that the XTC-G1 has passed 6,000rds persistent testing, and it totally passed 20,000rds testing, all the parts are still in good condition.

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