Modify released a new test video from the MOD24 rifle.

Dear Friends, How are you recently? I hope that everything are going well with you. And I would like to share a video with you.

This link is the test report of our airsoft gun MOD24. The Japanese dealer Baton Trading Co., Ltd. entrusted Mr. Mach SAKAI to do the test report for MOD24. Mr. Mach is the very famous Japanese top airsoft shooter. He won the American shooting match of steel challenge. In 7:35 of this video is the performance of the LED Magazine in the night. And the initial pellet speed in the video is 315 FPS (96 m/s).

Modify have two main initial pellet speed at the moment one 426 FPS (129.5 m/s) and the other is 315FPS (96 m/s), for the more upgrade parts for MOD24 springs. It will be available in the end of December.

I hope that you enjoy this video. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best Regards, Hanna Liao