Gunfire TV takes a look at the new Modify PP-2K GBB SMG.

Gunfire TV comes back to you with a hot and fresh product. PP-2K 9mm (green gas) is the first gas-powered replica produced by the Taiwanese brand Modify. It is an exact replica of the PP-2000 submachine gun used by the special forces of the Russian Federation. The design and dimensions are as close as possible to the original, also in terms of handling.

The Modify gas submachine gun has single and auto modes, and it works on green gas. It is also equipped with a realistic Blow Back system. The body of the replica is made of polymer plastic , the aluminum is, among others, the breech cover, the upper RIS rail, the charging handle, the outer barrel and the magazine. The stock, front sight, muzzle device, fire mode selector and internal mechanisms are made of steel .

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