Mission Spec becomes DKX Armor Distributor

Mission Spec, LLC has been named the distributor for DKX Armor in the states of Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. Currently, the M3 (ultra-light weight level 3+, buoyant) and M7 (level 3+ special threat rated) are available at MissionSpec.com in various sizes and cuts. Potential dealers and departments/units should contact Mission Spec directly for volume pricing information by email or phone. Contact information can be found on the Contact page of the Mission Spec website.

DKX M3 Body Armor

The DKX M3 (MAX III) Series ballistic plates are NIJ 0101.06 level III certified stand-alone. The M3 also stops special, non-armor piercing threats, such as the Winchester Ranger and 7.62×39 MSC. The positive buoyancy of the M3 plates provides users in waterborne or maritime environments added support and flotation, while a rigid polycarbonate backing gives superior blunt force trauma protection. Each DKX M3 Series plate comes equipped with Radio Frequency Embedded Verification (RFEV) tracking for inventory management along with an industry first 7 year warranty. Applies only to certified plate sizes.


The M3 polyethylene ballistic plate provides its protection by catching and stopping the projectile cold in its tracks. Unlike some other armor systems that rely on fragmenting or deflecting the projectile you are much less likely to have to deal with spalling of the projectile. Drop your M3 plate? No problem. Due to the plastic nature of polyethylene the M3 is drop proof.

DKX M7 Body Armor
The DKX M7 Series ballistic plates add advanced special threat protection to an already impressive NIJ 0101.06 level III certified package. Through the use of lightweight polyethylene and a proprietary ceramic strikeface, the M7 Series is capable of reliably stopping both the M855 and 7.62×39 MSC.


Comfortable and lightweight, the M7 is the clear choice for those requiring NIJ certification, and advanced threat protection.

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