Introducing | The MVS-24 Clip-on Nightvision

PARTY WITH THE LIGHTS OUT! The MVS-24 Night Vision Clip-On device is on of the most reliable products on the market and it has MIL-SPEC standards. The MVS-24 is the first NVG or Clip on Nightvision device produced from the guys at MGC (Military Gear Center).


MVS-24 Clip on Nightvision


The MVS-24 is designed to be used only in conjunction with other optical systems like common scopes from Leupold, Schmidt & Bender, Trijicon and so on. Fast as lightning, it turns your conventional optic in a night vision device. The MVS-24 is one of the most advanced mid-range devices on the market. The range of operating is from 20 up to 600 meters.


The company offer you a variety of additional accessories and a reliable / fast customer service.
Repair and supply of spare parts is promptly guaranteed cause of their first class business partners. Retail prize is: 3700€

We at AMNB try to provide you a closer look in the near future to show you all the great features from this new night vision device.

Till then, stay frosty for more news about it or visit their showroom in Freihung (Germany) if you´re around where you can try the MVS-24 and other NVGs out.