Introducing | The new “Burrito” Magazine Pouch (Patent Pending) from Mean Gene Leather.

The “Burrito”, an open top pouch will come equipped with Springs that maintain a positive retention to assure the contents remain secured within. Almost every leather magazine pouch produced to date is limited to either a single or a double stacked magazine.

Mean Gene Leather Burrito Pouch 3

The “Burrito” now gives the user to choose a majority of single or double stacked magazines without having to purchase multiple pouches. The “Burrito” allows you to carry other items such as flashlight and other similar sized items. These pouches have triple stitching on the leather loops to fit 1.5” belts. For 1.75” belt can be ordered upon special request.

Mean Gene Leather Burrito Pouch

Item will begin shipping on 07/12/2016 | Pre-Order will end on 07/05/2016, pricing will then increase to regular pricing. Introductory Pre-Order Price $29.95


  • Handmade in the USA.
  • Made from US leather.
  • Springs made in the US, constructed of Heat Treated 17-4 Stainless steel.
  • And more importantly, Made by the person whom Invented and brought you the First Positive Bungee cord retention magazine pouch!

Available colors

  • Black, with Black thread
  • Chocolate, with Black thread
  • Brown, with Brown thread
  • Natural Leather, with Old Sand thread

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