MATBOCK | Introduces the PTT Clamp!

The patent pending Push-To-Talk (PTT) Clamp was developed by a Special Operations Force (SOF) Lead Communicator / JTAC. The PTT Clamp affords operators the ability to keep their kits configured properly at all times. Ordinary PTT alligator style clips are bulky and prevent operators from being able to orient their PTT on either side of their kit, resulting in most PTT alligator clips being removed and the PTTs attached with rubber bands or zip ties. If operators are only issued one or two PTTs and then required to swap PTTs between various carriers for different mission types / environments, this can result in much time wasted that would be much better spent preparing for the operation. With the PPT Clamp, they will no longer have to reconfigure their PTT setup besides simply snapping each PTT into its respective clamp which can be attached to any piece of gear either via MOLLE or Velcro.

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Additionally, we designed the Nexus PTT Clamp with a protective cage to prevent your PTT from being inadvertently depressed. This simple design will significantly decrease the always frustrating hot mics for your entire unit.
Tech Specs: 
  • Holster material – Kydex
  • Color – Multicam, Desert Digital, Woodland Digital
  • Tea PTT – 2.75” L, 1.625” W, 1.125” H
  • Nexus PTT – 2.375” L, 1.125” W, 2.625” H
  • Weight = < 1 oz
  • Patent Pending

Get all about the “clamp” as a PDF File HERE!


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