MATBOCK introduced the MR Dry-Bag

Features the Mystery Ranch internal frame, yoke and shoulder straps, YKKs easy-pull waterproof zipper, and RF welding by Drift Dry. The concept comes from years of wasting time during OTB transitions and never having a dry bag that isn’t more than an empty dry bag. The problem of waterproofing your mission equipment has only had two solutions in the past:

1.) place your mission critical pack and into a dry bag that doesn’t have proper shoulder straps or a frame and is very difficult to access critical equipment due to the duffle bag style.

2.) Take your mission critical pack and put a dry bag inside the large compartment and now your bag soaks up water, all the components in the dry bag are all loose and again very difficult to work out of.

Our solution combines the mission critical pack with a dry bag that has great shoulder straps, a frame and is easy to use.


How it works: attach your Mystery Ranch 3-day pack or medical pack into the dry bag using the attachment points or zipper. Close the clamshell outer cover, zip the YKK waterproof zipper closed and remove the extra air with the oral inflation tube. Close and seal oral inflation tube. After exiting the water, simply unzip, roll and stow the outer flap under your Mystery Ranch 3-day pack and secure it with the two bottom straps.

Designed by MATBOCK
Load Carriage by Mystery Ranch
Waterproofed by Drift Dry

Pre-orders starting Aug 1.  Shipping est Sept 5

Available in all black (no orange, we promise), grey, and multicam. All units will have a multicam load carriage system.


Getting great GEAR and helping a great CAUSE!

Did you know that 10% of all MATBOCK gear purchases are donated to the Navy SEAL Foundation?? Don’t wait, get all your #flyingfrogofdeath gear TODAY!