The future plan of MARSOC

MILSIM NEWS UPDATE: In this document, the MARSOC / Marine Raiders show us what the unit brings to the fight in the future. If you´re into MilSim/Reenactment of the Raiders, this should be your leading path from now on!

The Future Operating Environment

Our effort to prepare for an uncertain future arrives, appropriately, at the point of MARSOC’s maturation. After more than a decade’s growth, development, and experience, our institutional maturity allows us the opportunity to extend our view beyond near term challenges. SOF’s achievements, and its ascendancy as a policy tool for a wide range of national security problems, provides further opportunity to build towards tomorrow’s challenges. This will require a sustained effort that continually looks ahead, assesses the challenges of the future environment, and adapts capability to meet those challenges. We must approach change with the flexibility to expand with defense funding coupled with the resourcefulness to achieve change in a competitive fiscal environment.

This window comes at a time when the Command is itself accelerating. MARSOC has now reached a level of maturity where our regimental commanders have led MSOCs, Raider Battalions are led by former team commanders, and many primary staff members have served previously at various levels within the organization.

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