Today Will Be Different!

To those of you into reenactment, battel display and MilSim of the Marine Raiders also known as (MARSOC) in the past, here´s a recap of their first or past 13 years of duty and this is a “have to know” information for you I guess!

The top Marine and the sergeant major of the Marine Corps visited Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, on Feb. 21, to celebrate the 13th anniversary of the Corps’ elite Raiders. Marine Forces Special Operations Command, or MARSOC, was founded in 2005 at the direction of then-Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. The unit adopted the Raider title in 2015 — an ode to the WWII Marine commandos who were trained in rubber small boat amphibious raids.

According to a command story, over the past 13 years Raiders have earned more than 300 valor awards while carrying out more than 300 operational deployments across 17 countries.

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MARSOC Operator