marsoc raiders


New video is up from MARSOC. This time, they covered a advanced sniper training on camera.

Critical Skills Operators with U.S. Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command, conduct Advanced Sniper Training at an undisclosed location. This video includes footage of MARSOC Snipers conducting fundamental sniper skills, sniper tactics and employment, foreign weapons handling, unknown distance and aerial shooting. Enjoy watching!



MARSOC is a lifestyle

Just like transitioning from being a civilian to a Marine involved a lifestyle adjustment, so also there is a lifestyle adjustment involved in being a MARSOC Marine. The mission is important and ever-changing. It can be a big commitment. If your Marine is considering a move to MARSOC, you may have some questions. But with preparation and good communication, your family can adjust to and thrive in the MARSOC community.

Here are some basic facts about MARSOC family programs. >>Read more<<


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