MANCRAFT Electro Pneumatic Conversion Kit

MANCRAFTa small company in Poland founded by two graduates of Wroclaw University of Technology. They are producing airsoft parts – mostly for airsoft sniper rifles.

They are working hard on conversion kit for AEG that will be available in coming months.


MANCRAFT Electro Pneumatic Conversion Kit

 – EPDiK (Electro Pneumatic Drop in Kit)

Electro-pneumatic version of the conversion. Suitable for AEG assault rifles, to achieve the high RPM and the average fps value (no high sniper values, more info soon

Conversion is available in versions for most popular gearbox, for example: V2, V3, V7, V6, m249 gearbox etc.


MANCRAFT Electro Pneumatic Conversion Kit


  • solenoid controled nozzle. however, solenoid itself does not take an active part in the process of driving the ball.

The principle of operation is similar to the SDIK conversion. Internal flows and diameters have been designed to achieve the maximum gas flow. Specifically for this type of conversions (full auto), has been designed a new regulator (see related products). Allows the use of AEG nozzles!


MANCRAFT Electro Pneumatic Conversion Kit


  • Adjustable FPS (designed mainly for assault rifles – will not be possible to achieve sniper results)
  • Adjustable rof
  • Burst mode available
  • Powered with HP (50-200psi)

About 18-25.10.14 can be expected the first movie from tests of the system. We test two versions that having different gas dosing system. More information soon!


MANCRAFT Electro Pneumatic Conversion Kit


MANCRAFT – PDIK  (Pneumatic Drop in Kit)

A set of components which allows converting a AEG rifle into gas-powered rifle. It is cheap and very effective method of upgrade.

It’s drop-in conversion kit designed for replicas with V2 and V2long gearbox. You bought the conversion for V2 and you wanna be able tu use it also in V2long? No problem !. Instead of buying a whole new “PDiK V2long” conversion kit, you can buy “V2long Assembly” and replace the parts.

Conversion kit was developed with the aim of sniper rifles – where is the need for long range and precision shot.


MANCRAFT Electro Pneumatic Conversion Kit


Conversion has independently movable nozzle – just like in the AEG rifles.Location of Nozzle is not directly linked to the location of the gas supply element. This solution makes that – when conversion taking a shot, nozzle (when the gas starts to move towards the ball) is stationary in the Hop Up chamber. Because of that, here is the better focus and precision of shot.


This type of nozzle has a great advantage – arranged axially relative to the eraser Hop Up. This solution makes the rubber is less worn and usually are better sealed with.

PDiK works in semi-auto mode. This is the only available mode in conversion kit.

The conversion is largely adapted to the needs of the sniper. Since it is possible here to get quite high fps – auto mode does not occur.

When using the appropriate regulator, it is possible to obtain a very stable, high fps. Power is adjusted by the regulator. Operational pressure is in the range 5-18bar.



  • Compatible with most replicas of the type V2 gearbox / V2long
  • No electronics (resistance to weather conditions)
  • No batteries
  • Modular construction (disassembly in seconds)
  • Precision of the FPS
  • – No full auto mode – no worries about mad people with full auto
  •  Adjustable FPS
  • Compatible with standard AEG parts (nozzle, trigger, selector plate)
  • External power (many shots)
  • Immediate response to the trigger



  • No full auto mode
  • External power (from a bottle)



High Flow Regulator

MANCRAFT Electro Pneumatic Conversion Kit

It is a device for reducing gas outlet pressure. Can be adjusted in the range: from 0 to about 14 bar (200PSI). The adjustment is made by the screw at the top of the regulator. Screwing – increases the pressure.

The regulator has been designed specifically so as to have the greatest flow (main use – conversion of full auto mode).

The regulator is preceded by a high-pressure hose with a length of 1 m. It allows you to place the regulator in front of your stuff, while the cylinder will be located in the backpack. This will ensure comfort and shorten the hose to the low-pressure side. 9,2mm diameter hose with a burst pressure of over 800bar (12 763PSI) will ensure safe operation of the system.


MANCRAFT Electro Pneumatic Conversion Kit

The regulator has a threaded protector cap. It will allow to lock the regulator so that there will be no possibility to interference in the settings of the regulator (without breaking the lock-seal). By this organizer may block the regulator to the set parameters and no one will have the possibility of interference in the setting of pressure (for safety and fair play).


MANCRAFT Electro Pneumatic Conversion Kit

Entrance reducer – G1/2 “- a standard paintball bottles and CO2 adapters thread.

The regulator can be used with ON/OFF and the PIN bottles.

Type of gas: CO2 / HP. NOTE! CO2 – good quality CO2, make sure it does not contain rust and other contaminants. Reguator outputs: 1x M10x1, 3x G1 / 8 “(paintball threads) The regulator has two entrances: from the side and the axis of the regulator – this allows to connect the supply hose according to user preferences.






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